Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Shallow pond

 I unearthed a small pond last year. A year passes I used a waterproof mortar, but the water leaks. 
 It used to be water indeed in the past. Because I found a lot of shells of river in the pond soil. 

 去年越した時に、家の正面にある小さな山の上を草むしりしていたら、底があることがわかり、発掘して池が出てきた という話をちょこっとしたと思います。

 These countless stones belong to nearby mountain. It's a popular garden stone here .
The other side of this pond is flower beds. Visitors only see flowerbed, so they don't notice the pond. It's an interesting design.



A picture of last June.


I have worked a lot.... 
There are plenty of seeds and bulbs in the flowerbed of pond, it will be lively with flowers in the summer !


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