Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Phoebe dress

If not sewing and your doing knitting,  I also advance sewing too. Because they're skillful with your hand already ( which does knitting )
And, the perseverance doesn't need sewing in that more than knitting.
You'd be brought along early.

 I sewed this "Phoebe dress" of  colette patterns

Winter cloth can be used, so this pattern is very good !

But you watch carefully, and I have to learn.
I did the mistake which isn't broken off with the top together with the lower cloth color.
An expression can't be done in my English..., but I'm very careless .

Anyway I'd like to sew more to increase winter clothes in my closet :)



こちらの Colette パターンはサイズが豊富で、日本人の体型でも問題なく着られます。

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