Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Men's shirt "Negroni"

I think the person who sees this page is little. The world seems only sewing almost for ladies.
But, If there is a man who loves around you, He'd be glad about your try certainly.

I sewed negroni shirt for my father-in-law's birthday.
He is very gentle and a quiet man in seventies and good father for my husband. I like when we speak, he's always laughing.
When it was revealed that he had dying cancer last year, I cried very much.
It's fearful to lose suddenly.
The medicine was working well, so progress of cancer stopped now..

 Size L

He is very thin, but a shirt fits well apparently.
And I'm happy that he is very glad :)
I hope that I'm able to sew a shirt next year too, for his.

I'm also sewing a shirt for my husband of course.  My man gets 1 every month new shirt.

 Size L
I chose small buttons.

This pattern is easy to sew.

And he was also delighted this month.


 型紙はイギリスの colettepatterns から。

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