Monday, August 22, 2016

A mitten

I have got 2 colors of soft fiber. It was only 100 grams, but I spun for knit something.

The left is a fiber for practice. The center and the right bought newly.
 Even the same white is a little different in color....


And 2 colors were 1 of yarn !

I moved to this house last year. Here is away from the center of Tokyo. 
It's cool for the severe heat of the summer in the room at a well ventilated house. A forest is close, the wind is also cold and pleasant. 



I can't know whether you can imagine, but Summer of the south Japan is too hot including Tokyo. A person dies for its heat. 
It becomes so cool that you go to the north in Japan. but there are a lot of fun Shop in Tokyo and Kyoto,Osaka on the south side.
If you come to Japan someday, I wish that you choose good seasons.

There is a kitty under the table

And I have finished knitting a mitten !!

I counted many times, but I don't make a mistake in stitch. 
A clumsy mitten was made because my yarn was clumsy.  What delight !

I have to practice more :)