Monday, August 22, 2016

A mitten

I have got 2 colors of soft fiber. It was only 100 grams, but I spun for knit something.

The left is a fiber for practice. The center and the right bought newly.
 Even the same white is a little different in color....


And 2 colors were 1 of yarn !

I moved to this house last year. Here is away from the center of Tokyo. 
It's cool for the severe heat of the summer in the room at a well ventilated house. A forest is close, the wind is also cold and pleasant. 



I can't know whether you can imagine, but Summer of the south Japan is too hot including Tokyo. A person dies for its heat. 
It becomes so cool that you go to the north in Japan. but there are a lot of fun Shop in Tokyo and Kyoto,Osaka on the south side.
If you come to Japan someday, I wish that you choose good seasons.

There is a kitty under the table

And I have finished knitting a mitten !!

I counted many times, but I don't make a mistake in stitch. 
A clumsy mitten was made because my yarn was clumsy.  What delight !

I have to practice more :) 




Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Spinning wheel

Hello dear friends :)
I wish that you're enjoying the leave of the summer ! Our holidays is in September.

I took lessons in hand spinning last week. It was so fun !! I spun much the wheel during 2 days, and remembered various methods.


My first yarn is not perfect, but how interesting in

I may be able to spin most fluffy yarn like a stomach of a cat by blending. My kitty is fluffy than a merino wool...!!


I think, there is no space where a big wheel is put in my craft room. and I was hesitated in a beginner's getting a expensive newly wheel first.
So I got old wheel made in 1976.
This is Peggy series of Rappard company. I think this company is just Ashford now. 

My little Peggy is very small wheel. My teacher said that the small wheel is difficult because it is necessary to step on many feet. Her saying, the big wheel is smoother. Yes, the meaning is clear, But it's an advantage that it's very compact.


I will be able to show you my yarn soon