Friday, December 23, 2016

Dog sweater

I knitted a dog sweater which my mother asked me.

You may notice I used my wild berry pattern.→

A chart is repeated 1、5 times.
Knit the Purl stitch a place by the berry stitch of crochet when it's RS. ( K, in WS)
and Embroider "French knot stitch" on them at the end.

I didn't put C4L and C4R in.
( knit "stocking stitch" a place of  C4L and C4R , it's K4 in RS, P4 in WS )

I am waiting that you use my pattern effectively, and knit something ♡

Front (?) of the dog sweater 

I sent it with other gifts for my parents.
Her puppy would be able to walk comfortably in the snow with lovely sweater.

We are not neighborhood. But I take a picture if there is a chance which my mother's dog wears it .




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