Friday, January 20, 2017

Pompom hat

Hello !
I knitted a pompom hat with 2 colors. 

When we mix 2 or 3 or more colors, it is easy to becomes tight.
There are several methods , but I think , we need practice that over and over again. 

This easy sketch seems to be small flowers or scale of fish.

You would be able to use it for mitten , hat, and sweater with your idea !
And It is also good for practice of color work.



Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hat and socks with handspun yarn

Happy 2017 !!!
Wish you a happy and great year . I hope ALL your wishes come true !


These days I feel really fascinating to spinning wool , It's really warm for the yarn spun by hand. Those include air and fiber is spun tightly and fluffy. and Dust doesn't fall.
I'd like to do knitting only by handspun yarn this year.
But it takes time ...

This fiber has been bought, when my husband made a business trip to Denver.

The color he chose wasn't my taste, but finished yarn is my favorite color.  It is magic !!
There was only 100 grams, so I knitted socks.

If a machine enters a process, influence is same for the color.
But the natural course is also beautiful too.


The yarn I spun last month is this. Silk and merino wool were mixed.

I knitted a hat.

I am planning to make free pattern whit 2 design this year.
One is a shawl with flower motif of crochet. Another are slippers :)

紡ぐと時間がかかるのですが、冷たい北風がびゅんびゅん吹いている時に初めて、暖かさが違う ことに気が付きます。やはり手で紡ぐことによって空気を中心に含んでいるのと、繊維がしっかりよりあっているからでしょうか。