Thursday, November 30, 2017


Hello friends !
I knit a mitten in previous winter, but I forgot to put here.

This image is leaf and small fruit that I adore. but it is somewhat difficult to look....

The color work of mittens can be knitted with their own ideas, it is very amusing.

I put a French knot stitch for a fruit. This is a very simple embroidery stitch.

Let's spread out your ideas too !


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Leaf cardigan

It was February 2017 that I started to knit a cardigan. and It was September when I finished knitting... !! 

At first, knit from top to bottom easily, 


and knit a lace pattern for a front.


We moved to new old house there on the way. ( Half asked the merchant, half renovated ourselves. ) Anyways at that time, I had really little time to knit. 

but Even if you don't have time, you will complete, when you continue..

I knitted them separately and sewed them.

There will also be a way to knit not to knit separately.

and done !

I only write small notes as usual. I don't share a pattern. but there are many similar patterns most beautiful than me, so you will find your favorite cardigan.


This beautiful yarn is Nurturing fibres  super Twist sock yarn.
It is warm, soft and bright yarn. Ideal for knitting socks, but if you adopt a fine lace pattern it will be a special outing knit.

For Asian or Australian ladies, find your shop on Intambo
For European ladies , find your shop on Scaapi
For Japanese, A shop is here  Happy hour 

オンラインストアはこちらです Happy hour  取引があるので気になるお色は直接お問い合わせ下さい。東京ビックサイトに出店されていた時に少しお話した事がありますが、明るくて気さくな方です。
メーカーさんの毛糸見本はこちら nurturingfibres sock-super-twist/

I'm making crochet flower motif with this yarn now. Me and my friend we are taking some time. I hope that we can have a pretty shawl soon. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Good day !

Hello here and there !
For the past few months, I couldn't update my blog.
Since we moved to the small countryside, we were absorbed in lots of work, remodeling and repair and gardening.


The old owner of this garden was a men who love to gardening. but for a long time after his death the garden was untouchable ( for about 25 years)

This is the east garden.

There was a BIG snake..! 


and now

It is pleasure that the garden will be better .

Aug, 2017


In front of the house, there is a small Japanese garden, but is not good yet. 
The small pond was covered with soil, it took months to excavate !





We painted the mortar for waterproofing, but there is still problem in the pond.
It will need repair by an expert...

It's becoming better to arrange the hedges in the garden !