Thursday, December 28, 2017

Little knitting

There were some knitted items in 2017. 今年編んだ小さなアイテムです

It's favorite to knit a hand bag.

This was a request from my mother in law, she was very delighted.
This is my original pattern. I would like to share patterns about bags I have plenty of design ideas but I don't know when it will be.....I am really not good at "written pattern making"


Simple sweater 

Memories about this sweater that I was flu. the fever went down, but only my cough was getting worse.

After 3 weeks I cured perfectly, also my sweater finished knitting :)

I forgot the name of the yarn maker, it was Belgian wool.
I'm wearing it now. I wash several times, and i wear it many times. I searched for the same yarn at the store where I bought this yarn but could not find it. It is pity that I lost tags on the yarn.


The socks knitted only 2 pairs. and little embroidery.

Pattern of Embroidery "Z from A" has just begun. but one year is about to pass. "B does not end yet .


Triangle shawl.

It designed a shawl based from a small diagram of vintage text. It is an image like a wave.
This wool combination is Japanese maker "Hamanaka Mohair" and "Highland wool of Isager" . I like them very very much. I will make the same again.


Crocheted a blanket 
The photo blanket is on its ways, but it has already been completed.
A good point of crochet is maybe rhythmical.
For example, you only have a small triangular pattern, It is so simple that you learn quickly, and you don't need to read any more of pattern, and it becomes a big blanket with many triangle :)


My little helper watched warmly me this year as well.

I wish you a Happy New year !!  皆さま良いお年を~!