Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Fleece cardigan

A few months after I started hand-spinning, I challenged a knitwear from fleece.


This is clean fleece.

Wash the fleece several times first. but  I repeated several times mistake. Because when washing strongly will result in carpet or a lag ! ( Felting, felt fleece lag ) It necessary to wash gently if we want to produce yarn.

And Hand spinning....., It is fun !
I left the characteristics of fleece. This kind of sheep is curly hair :)


But It is a natural animal, The color of fleece is not all the same.
A little yellow, a little gray mixed in white.

お店で売っているような羊毛は例え自然色といっても似た色を集めて似た色におおまかに染めているそうです。本当の羊は一頭一頭 様々な色が混じっているので、このフリースも同じく真っ白にはならず、黄色や灰色が混ざった白になりました。

And done !

How warm it is !

I got this kind of fleece again this year. I'd like to make yarn and sell it. Yes, my goal this year is to have a small online shop. When my yarn is unsold, I will be able to knit something with them. Whichever it is, I am looking forward to it :)


Monday, January 8, 2018

Hooded jacket of sleeveless

 This is a long process that buying fiber from foreign country and spinning a wool and making a pattern and knitting a jacket. It takes time only, but it is also fun.
 At the same time I gained confidence that Even yarn spun by hand will be finished without problem in size.


It began in September.
Fiber arrived from Dear England.

Knit the back first, and

Knit the front, connect from the neck up

knit a rib on sleeve and hood. I finished knitting in December. 

I also sewed this dress. but This coordination is not cute. I think it goes well with jeans and sweaters.