Tuesday, May 15, 2018

First strawberry

When I had time, I was doing knitting. but after moving to the countryside, I am gardening very much. 
Japan has much rain compared to Europe ( I have only lived in Japan and Europe, so I don't know other countries) Therefore, the grass grows faster.


Farmers come to see our garden from time to time. County garden is large, many of them hire gardener. Professional job is really perfect.

I bought this strawberry in Tokyo . it was a very small planting strawberry and never made berry in the balcony of Tokyo.  
But it increased a lot since I planted in the soil of garden. 
simple pleasure 


But We need to improve the soil. because it is very sour 

庭から摘んだイチゴでジャムを作る というシンプルな事に喜び、甘い香りに満たされます。

I made a Jam :)


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