Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Summer garden

Hello ! I hope that you enjoying the summer !
My place is also hot like every day (30~35℃), there are more garden work .

毎日暑くなってきましたがお元気にお過ごしでしょうか? 先日の異常な大雨にはびっくりしました。被害に遭われた方々には一日でも早く平穏な生活に戻れるよう、心からお祈りいたしております。

I like to get together color in place. 
The side of the parking is an orange flower bed. 

Also orange lily and sunflower are in bloom. 



The problem is bulbs. During storage, I forget what color this bulb is.
So, I make a flowerbed with mixed colors . 

It is cute that colors mix together. 
Small flower are mixed, but it does not appear well in the photo.

Japan is a country with a lot of rain. It is necessary to keep bulbs out of soil almost. Otherwise the bulb will rot. We keeping tulips now. 

The white one in the photo is my shallow pond. It's pity that the water will leak. I wanted to see small fish. 

Many flowers are blooming also in the flower bed on the pond. 
This kind of flower can not be seen at all in winter, but it does not wither even under the snow. In the summer more flowers will bloom than last year. North American flower ? 

Phlox or Paniculata 
and Acidanthera, white marigold, and pink Gladiolus, this flower bed is  pink place.  


I like also white place. This kind of flower keeps bloom for 100 days. I don't know if it is true, but I have not seen the flowers wither yet. next year I will sow more species !

big variety of Zinnia 

And kitchen garden 


It's happy that we can harvest little vegetables but every day, from the garden to the kitchen. 


After garden work, Kiwi smoothies is a wonderful drink !

garden Kiwi frozen in winter,
frozen banana, honey or sugar,
bit of cool water or milk,
Put in a mixer 

Flower of Okra 
There are 2 goats in the Backyard. 

My goat named " Natsu" is extraordinary energetic. The meaning of "Natsu" is Summer.
When rain goes up, she is pleased. 
She likes my laughter. 
When I call out She come while jumping. 
She lives happily today as she is. Enjoy what she have now. 
I like her.


And my "Wip" is this. 

It is growing little by little. 

Maybe I am off the Instagram a little, or during the summer.
I wish you are always happy !!


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