Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The stripes for men's

I think this wool manufacturer " Quince & Co" is loved by people of the world widely.
Its colors ,wool , natural beautiful models   I'm always checking all DM.

I have not knitted my sweater yet, so I'd like to knit something with my design in the next winter.
The one knitted is husband's cardigan.

「Quince & Co」の毛糸で主人のカーデを編みました。

A problem is not look good on him.
I think It's a problem of my pattern, that he don't fit seems.


This striped design can be applied, If you make pattern.
I think it's pretty if it's made in "matching outfits" between lovers, married couple and the parent and child etc, with 2 colors you like of course.

Stripes are divided into parts of 4 mainly. If I say easily,  divide the size into 5 equal parts.



If you can't make the pattern, and if this design was liked, I wish that you find this somewhere someday.

もし気に入ったけどパターンなんか作れないヨ って方もですね、影で動いている方はいますので、どこかの国で見つかるかもしれませんヨ。

And I remembered, I knitted husband's snood year before last..


This snood is good for a business suit.

Left and right is "K2,P2 ribbing "
and center is "moss stitch" of…. when Row 1:K2, P2 — Row2 : K2,P2 — Row3: P2,K2 — Row4:P2,K2 — Row5: K2,P2

It's so frustrating , I can't express myself well in English.
Thank you for your reading :)

かのこは  2目ずつを2段ごとにずらしています。四角いブロックのようになります。


>> My design is commercial use friendly.


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