Monday, March 28, 2016

"Yomogi" dyeing

This herb "yomogi" is growing naturally all Japan. I don't know whether your country is seen.

Yomogi is medicinal herb. A leaf has a stanching action. A stomachache, the loose bowels and anemia get cold, decocting and drinking for tea of young green have the effect. There is also special effect in the fuzz of the back of the leaf.
bath of dry herbs( grew leaf in summer ) has the effect on lumbago and hemorrhoids.

There is resembles poisonous plant .  The back of Yomogi leaf is "white".

 But now the effect is earlier we get to buy medicine at a pharmacy or doctor.

A snack is also made with this herb in Japan. I think you don't like this cultural snack.
my French friends said "tasting bad "

Anyway my wool was dyed green  :)







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