Friday, February 26, 2016

Recommended to knit bag

I knitted this bag last year. I use it very often.  But the shape changes to nothing with 1 year before.
When I hold this bag on my lap, it's  very warm. It's for the 2nd bag or short walking.

This structure is linking a gusset to a front and back.

I sewed a strong lining. The Bamboo handle is sewn on lining.
Wool is a cover for the bag its most important.

I think It isn't better for handle to be wool, because it tends to develop.
Bamboo, wood, plastics, leather are preferred.

The one good for these knit bags is wool including acrylic fiber a little.
When selling it at handmade shop, goods can be offered inexpensively by cutting down the cost, so yarn should choose something of good quality inexpensively.

But If you knit 1 good bag for you,  I'd like to advance this "Moeke yarn".
That's very natural and strong , flick dirt and don't lose a little rain. It seem to take 1 sheep and walk together.

Someday I may be able to write my pattern here.
I study that to make pattern of English !





ただご自身用に何か考えて編みたいと思った場合は、こちらの毛糸 Moeke yarn をおすすめしたいです。糸は羊の毛そのもので、強くしなやか、少々の雨や雪など何でもないです。羊を1頭一緒に連れて歩くような感じです。


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Flower edging pattern for crochet

Do you remember that I knitted a blanket for a cat ?

I was crocheting some motifs during several months. Those wool was scrap.

This motif isn't my design. So it isn't possible to hand it to you.
But This edge is my small idea.

The pattern is put here, but that is Japanese-style, so I'm sorry.
( I know that a Japanese crochet pattern is international, so you can probably check it  )

For edging a blanket or snood etc.
And If you have a handmade shop, this is 1 of ideas for you.

When connecting an edge , that isn't the same number of stitch as a motif.





Men's shirt "Negroni"

I think the person who sees this page is little. The world seems only sewing almost for ladies.
But, If there is a man who loves around you, He'd be glad about your try certainly.

I sewed negroni shirt for my father-in-law's birthday.
He is very gentle and a quiet man in seventies and good father for my husband. I like when we speak, he's always laughing.
When it was revealed that he had dying cancer last year, I cried very much.
It's fearful to lose suddenly.
The medicine was working well, so progress of cancer stopped now..

 Size L

He is very thin, but a shirt fits well apparently.
And I'm happy that he is very glad :)
I hope that I'm able to sew a shirt next year too, for his.

I'm also sewing a shirt for my husband of course.  My man gets 1 every month new shirt.

 Size L
I chose small buttons.

This pattern is easy to sew.

And he was also delighted this month.


 型紙はイギリスの colettepatterns から。

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

half sleeves sweater

I knitted this sweater last year.

knit in the top from the bottom...

and knit in a wing from a shoulder…
opened a collar big , and lowered and braided shoulder a little, like vintage.
( I'm sorry I can't explain in English )

Wool remained, so I kittend a hat and gloves. It also is soft and is my favorite♡

This yarn : john arbon textiles hayward