Monday, May 2, 2016

Pottery market in Mashiko

We are in holiday of about 10 days, and went to a pottery market of Mashiko 益子 in Tochigi 栃木.

There is a lot of pottery kind in Japan.

Mashiko is  125 km on the Joban highway from Tokyo.
The market held consecutive holidays in May is very big, and it takes 1 day to see.


I forgot to take a picture of market …

The shade which repeated color many times is the feature for Mashiko pottery .


I bought….
Rice bowl. 500yen

Small vase ( H 10cm and 5cm) 400yen

Flowerpot 600yen


Mashiko pottery can be broken easily, so it's necessary to be careful.
Even if it doesn't go well for your dish, flowerpot or vase would be a fun gift for you :)

主人が真剣に花瓶を選んでいるのが意外でした。私は、植木鉢を見るのが楽しかったです。 機会があったら行ってみて下さいね

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